Emily Falconer is a Toronto-based designer/maker and recent graduate of Sheridan’s Craft + Design program. Through her studies she was exposed to both digital and traditional ways of making, which guide her practice and enable her to create pieces that express her personal vision of beauty and simplicity.

Her work explores the environments in which furniture forms dwell and how these pieces can enhance your experiences. Each piece is crafted with attention to detail and consideration for both composition and form.


Artist Statement

I design and build simple, functional, furniture and objects with a focus on composition and craftsmanship. Working from a reductive process, I focus on the details, carefully carving out elegantly shaped connections and joinery.  Through the unlikely hybridization of minimalist and humanist philosophies I strive to create beautiful pieces and experiences.

My work can be described as a carefully planned series of excavations, performed both by hand and with the use of digital tools. With equal emphasis on beauty and function, I build furniture that is both sculptural and practical, pieces that exist somewhere in the large and varied grey area between fine art and contemporary design.